I'm Blessed and I Know It

I normally don't like surprises,  but when they arrive via UPS early in the morning in an Amazon box,  well, that's different! I had received a text from a friend telling me to keep my eyes open for something special heading my way. 

I was NOT disappointed! Two poetry books by Rupi Kaur, "the sun and her flowers" and "milk and honey".  I am so excited to read them! 

I absolutely love poetry and from the little I was able to read in between activities today,  I'm in for an emotional treat! 
I'm humbled and grateful for the few close people I have in my life. They know me so well.  
Life is a bit hectic this week,  but I'm going to make it a priority to schedule some time to relax and read these two books very soon.  After all,  if we don't take care of ourselves, who will?

As always, 
thanks for stopping by! 

Proud Mom Post

I'm so very proud of my son. In just a few weeks,  he will graduate from his training and be a Cavalry Scout in the US Army.  

He won't be able to come home after graduation, as he will immediately report to the base he has been assigned to. 

His best friend from training has been assigned to the same base,  so there's some comfort in knowing that. 

As always, prayers are appreciated.  Thanks for stopping by!

The Latest From Dandelion Acre

Teen daughter is on the volleyball team, which is why I learned how to glue googly eyes onto squash. Stay with me here.   The girls make posters and hang them on the other players'  lockers.  My daughter made posters about squashing the other team.  She wanted to glue eyes onto a bunch of squash and leave one in each locker.  Household glue didn't work.  Super glue didn't work.  It was clear nail polish that saved the day. 

The mouths were easier.  Lip stickers.  Start to finish... this was a two hour project.  Do not recommend. 

Downy the kitten continues to grow and has claimed the hand towel box on the bathroom shelves, despite discouragement.  I removed all but a couple of the towels.  Those are just his now. 

He likes to cuddle on my lap when I read in the evening.  

Most of the nighttime motion sensor camera notifications on my phone are of you-know-who.  I use the speaker to tell him to get away from the camera, but he just purrs louder.  Moving the cameras remotely just causes more videos of his nose up close as he checks them out. 

It's a quiet season here.  Sports are just about to wind down. The school routine is on track.  We've been enjoying family activities and trips on the weekends.  The house in the evening is full of warm cozy throws on all of the chairs and candles burning on the table. There's been a bit of baking,  and some good old fashioned comfort food. 

I hope you're enjoying this season, too. 

And remember...

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