My Happy Place

Thinking about my dream home this morning.  It would need a lovely desk to work from and would be filled with wonderfully organized areas throughout.  Sigh.  I do so enjoy these inspiration photos.  As my teens say - "Goals" !

A Smile For The Single Ladies

The Latest From Dandelion Acre

Well, the kittens have GROWN! 
They're almost ready to move on to their new homes.
There will be broken hearts for sure!

Here's Sunni just hanging out on the back of my chair enjoying an afternoon sunbeam.

Last week, I took the kids on a short vacation for a couple of days.  You just never know what you'll see when you are out and about.

While enjoying a meal at an AMAZING Mexican restaurant, my beautiful daughter and her friend were being their wonderful, goofy selves. Love these girls.

Hope you all are able to be out making wonderful summer memories! Thanks for stopping by!

The Latest From Dandelion Acre....

My daughter's tulips came in beautifully.  Here's a country vase (green Mason jar) of them she cut and arranged for her grandmother.

With school out for the summer, I'm making sure I wake up early, early in the morning before the kids to get my devotional time in.  My time to reflect on the blessings in my life and to thank God for all of them is sacred to me.

My daughter and I packed up our lunch and headed to a local park for a picnic recently.  I love lazy summer afternoons.


The kittens are growing and growing.  Naughty Boy seems to have put himself in a time-out while they were settling down for a nap in their tote. The grey ones are Downy and Bow, the orange are Sunni and Naughty Boy.  Miss Kitty is now called Momma.  She responds to it, so I think we FINALLY found a name that sticks.

Soon, the kittens will all be big enough to move on to their new homes.  There will be broken hearts here at Dandelion Acre for sure, but five cats is four too many in this house!!!

I hope all of you are enjoying some beautiful weather and some fun times with your families and friends.

Finding Your Blogging Niche ....or....

What The Heck Is My Blog Going To Be About?

It has been a struggle to find my niche.  I do write under pseudonyms - in fact, I've written for seven other blogs.  This blog -Lesa's Life- was the first. 
Lesa's Life was my blog about my marriage, homemaking, and being a stay-at-home mom to my family.  Then after my twenty year marriage ended due to my ex-husband's infidelity (with a 27 year old!), the blog was deleted, and to continue to blog about marriage and homemaking felt incredibly, well, stupid.

There are so many amazing blogs out there.
* Going through a divorce? Rebuilding your life? www.HappyHausfrau.blogspot.com is the absolute must visit blog for you.

*Raising kids during and after divorce?   I can give information about what's working and not working for me. However, not an entire blog's worth. 

*Cooking? Well, I'm a really good cook, but since the divorce, I don't enjoy it like I used to. I do share my favorite recipes here, though.

*Raising an adopted child? Well, I could write one HELL of an essay about my feelings on a drug-addicted biological parent that hurt MY child before I became the mother to that amazing special human being, but again... That's not an entire blog.  I love Erin Odom's quote. "God gave those little children to you, mama -you.  No one else can mother them like you can.  You may have your work cut out for you, but you're the one cut out to accomplish it."  God gave my children to ME.

*Small town living?  Now THAT is something I could fill a blog with, but why alienate half a  town? (Ahem.)

*I could do a diet and exercise blog, but I prefer not to be a complete and total fraud.  In other words, I haven't eaten a cheese, a chocolate, a cream sauce or drank a coffee or wine that I didn't like.

* I could write about dating after divorce.  In fact, I have, just not here on this blog.  Unfortunately, I have no clue what I'm doing in that area, as I left my marriage with newfound AMAZINGLY deep trust issues and a new social anxiety.   I will say that I have learned a lot since I started dating again, and I'm currently at the beginning of something that could be a lot of fun. There has been romance and romantic gestures in my life that I am LOVING.  I have received a number of flowers from lilacs cut from the side of the road to roses to tiger lilies.  I've been given thoughtful gifts, went to some wonderful restaurants, and have been woken up at two in the morning to receive chocolate cookies and coffee just because someone was thinking about me.  But the maintaining of a relationship - Sweetie, my trust issues have trust issues. I'm not sure there's a patient enough man alive on the planet to deal with them. 

*So, I guess I'll keep posting the hodge podge of items that I have been.  After all, they are bits and pieces of my life , and that IS the title of this blog.
I'm still floundering my way a bit so it's only right that a blog about my life flounders about a bit, too.
To my regular readers, thanks for hanging in there.  Love all of you. To anyone new,
thanks for stopping by.
Who knows what you'll find here.

My Third Son, The Oldest Teen...

The oldest teen went from graduation last week to...

officially joining the U.S. Army this week.
He leaves for basic in a month. 
I'm VERY happy and proud. 

Prayers for him and all of our military members are very welcome and appreciated. 

If You Are Thinking About Divorce

If you are divorced or you're getting a divorce,  ladies you should hop on over to Jenny at The Happy Hausfrau's blog.   Just click on the image above to get there.  If you join up with her on social media,  you will find a community of just the absolute best people going through or having gone through what you are.  You will not only find support,  but you will find advice and hard earned knowledge.  
Big hugs to you... you've got this.  

All Natural Soap Scum Remover

I recently found this All Natural Soap Scum Remover Information over on HomeTalk . Click HERE to read about this two ingredient, quick and easy household helper.

I Just Read...

Joanne Fluke's Cinnamon Roll Murder.  This is such a fun book, and just like the other books in this series, Cinnamon Roll Murder contains many tempting recipes.  Time to pull out the old recipe box and blank cards and get to copying!

Early Morning Peace

I woke up to a dark and somewhat gloomy morning due to the overcast sky/weather outside. I made a cup of hot coffee and checked on my kids.  All were sleeping peacefully.  I took the time to slowly enjoy my coffee while looking out of the small window in my walk-in closet.  I do every morning to gather my thoughts and review my plan for the day. 

A second cup of coffee found me downstairs reading from my Bible and devotionals in my comfy chair by the light of my favorite lamp.
By the time I heard the first stirrings from the youngest teen, I felt centered and ready to tackle the day!

Wishing you a day filled with small moments of peace and a special birthday wish to my lovely friend Lynne. May you have an absolutely amazing day!!!