Today At Dandelion Acre

I'm struggling a bit this morning.  I had a root canal late yesterday afternoon.  My jaw is a little black and blue from it.  Nothing a touch of concealer can't handle. 
I didn't sleep well.  The pain has lessened some so hopefully it well dissipate as the day goes on. 

I have a stack of paperwork to get through today.  Mostly medical stuff. I'll be spending lots of time with my planner and my to-do book. 

Wednesday is also my desk day,  so I'll be paying bills and balancing my checkbook.  
Most of the gifts are wrapped,  but I'll wrap a few more while the kids are away.  Christmas cards are also going out today. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Wishing all of you a peaceful,  productive day. 

Good Mornin'

It's a beautiful morning here.  The sun isn't quite up yet. 
Neither is Downy.

I have a busy day ahead,  but first another cup of coffee is needed...

... after all...

Here's some advice I've been following lately. 

I've been doing little projects around the house, one little improvement each day that is beyond basic cleaning.  I've upped my self care routine.  I'm finding ways to save money here and there.  I've been working a bit of downtime into my routine at the end of the day,  maybe a bit of reading, watching television,  or painting. 
What are you doing today that your future self will thank you for?

Downy The Cat - The Worst Hider EV-AH !!!

Another Show Binged

I finished watching the first season of Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  I laughed.  A LOT. I yelled at the television.  A LOT.  Mostly,  "No!  No! No! Midge! What the hell are you doing?"  I won't do a spoiler,  but if you've seen it,  you know the part I yelled at. Great show! I highly recommend it.  

Chewbecca and Downy made peace with each other only long enough to trap me in my chair while I watched it.   I had to watch the entire season.  It would have been rude to wake them up. 

I received quite a few recommendations for other shows to binge, so now to choose the next one.